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Frustrated Home Seller?

How To Sell in A Buyer’s Market

This is one of the most useful links I can give to any of you who are thinking of selling your home in today’s market.

This video that explains a few things seller’s must consider when preparing a home to sell. Most of these tips are included in my pre-listing package.

The market, the average sale prices, and days on market are factors that change daily. Yes, daily! Gone are the days of comparing your home to a home down the street that sold two years ago, last year, even last month! Supply and demand, (Presently an oversupply and low demand), has set sellers up for challenges to making their home more appealing.

Shopping for a home in this market is much like window shopping..the internet offers a vast supply of resources for buyers, and 80+ percent of buyers begin their home search on the internet. However, time and time again, it is PRICING, that makes the difference in a proeprty that sells or does not sell. The theory of “substitution” seems to be the driving force of sales today. What this means is,.. if you have multiple items to consider when making your choice, two, three or twenty items that are similar in quality, age, size, amenities,.. the most likely factor that will seal the deal for you will be the bargain PRICE.

I am an Realtor that utilizes many technical, and diverse marketing techniques. Putting my seller’s properties in as many places as possible to bring buyers to the listing, is my goal. this is what brings buyers to the market.

However, cooperation from every seller is the most important factor in the success of bringing a transaction to close. Understanding market conditions, market value, (the most probable price a proeprty will bring), and detaching from all of the emotions of a property are all critical factors in preparing to sell. The value of your home doesn’t necessarily depend on how much you have invested in it. Real estate sales revolve around fair market value, not your “sweat equity” or even monetary equity most of the time.

Working with offers, negotiating details that will bring a deal to close is a tedious process. It consumes hours of time and involves many concessions from sellers than buyers these days. It is advisble to consider ALL offers, and work with counter-offers and through details until there is a meeting of the minds. This takes more than is truly a skill, and I provide that to my customers. Bringing in reason, facts, explanation of isses that both parties may not be aware of, is my job. More times than not.. agreements can be reached.

If you are thinking of selling.. please consult me as your Real Estate Professional. Many buyers are not even considering FSBO properties because there is so much else to see. Many assume that FSBO’s are not as negotiable or educated as sellers who are working with professionals. Many buyer’s are also making multiple offers.. but on different properties…seller’s beware!

Again, consult a professional,… let me bring my experience to you, especially in this challenging market. We can succeed in a short amount of time!

Email me at for more information, or to request a pre-listing package for preparing your home for sale!

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