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Adventures With Kris, a 7 year-old in Tallahassee, FL

Every now and then, fate brings you gifts.While it was great to rediscover family history, share stories, visit with her husband and lovely daughter Marissa, the real gift, the highlight of our visit, was a 7 year old, her grandson Kristopher. I was lucky being able to spend the better part of a day with Kris in downtown Tallahassee at Kleman Plaza. Tallahassee, Florida has a lot to offer kids from museums, science, recreation to nature.

365 Things To Do In and Around Tallahassee- Day 27 – Tallahassee Museum

Looking for a wild adventure? Come walk among the cypress with the wild creatures at the Tallahassee Museum. Known as “The Junior Museum” when I was a kid, is a place you can spend all day with the family! Located along the shores, wetlands and cypress groves of Lake Bradford in northwest Tallahassee, it’s right among the perfect natural setting for exploration and observation.